Our Mission is to

Create a sustainable future and improve the social and environmental well being of our community.

Meet Ria, the founder of Forever Earth. A current senior at Walton High School, Ria has been involved in sustainability efoorts in her community throughout her high school career. Her passion for the environment and education drives her to influence her community to chose eco-friendly options in their daily lives. As a member of the STEM program, Ria studies the effects of environmental issues not only at school, but at research institutions such as Dartmouth College. 


Learn more about our founder and the goals of Forever Earth.  Ria shares her inspiration and goals with Marietta Stories.

Our Programs

Community Recycling Programs

Join our mission in eliminating toxic technology waste by recycling your old batteries and electronics! 

Reducing Plastic Use

In order to work towards our mission to reduce plastic pollution and plastic waste, we are partnering with local restaurants and businesses to stwich to biodegradable utensils and equipment.

Funding Education Worldwide

Forever Earth works to help fund education for children who aspire to make their communities more sustainable.