the dangers of electronic waste

With all of the new innovations and technology of the past few decades, electronic waste has started to pile up in homes all across America. 

These old batteries and electronics are often disposed in normal waste facilities, and they then go to landfills and leak hazardous chemicals into the soil. These chemicals then infiltrate the aquifers and contaminate the water supply and destroy ecosystems. 

By safely recycling this E-waste, we can maintain a clean, healthy environment for both ourselves and the creatures around us. Proper disposal of E-waste also ensures that the hazardous waste is not simply shipped to developing countries for people to dissassemble, a process by which thousands of people contract illness from.

At our last event on September 21st at Custer Park, we had over 200 cars drive through and we recycled more than 1 ton of electronic waste! Stay tuned for the next battery and electronics drive this spring.