Meet Ria, the founder of Forever Earth.

Local High School Senior Enacts Change In Her Own Backyard

  Student Environmental Advocate Hosts Local Events on September 7th and 21st to  Celebrate Book Release and Recycle Old Electronics

ATLANTA - August 28, 2019 – Local nonprofit Forever Earth today announced two upcoming events to celebrate the release of a book authored by its founder, Walton High School senior Ria Uppalapati. A fundraiser marking the release of In My Backyard: A Personal Story of the Devastating Effects of Petroleum on Our Environment and Economy will be held September 7th, and a battery and electronics recycling drive will be held September 21st. Event times and locations, as well as registration links, are provided below.  

According to Uppalapati, she launched her nonprofit Forever Earth with the goal of “creating a sustainable future and improving the social and environmental well-being of our community.” 

As a member of the Walton High School STEM program, Uppalapati studies the effects of environmental issues not only at school but also at research institutions such as Dartmouth College. “My passion for the environment and education drives me to influence others to choose eco-friendly options in their daily lives,” she said. 

Created by an environmental advocate who shares her inspiration through both the written word and by taking action through events, education programs and recycling drives, Uppalapati’s nonprofit serves three core areas: 

- Community Recycling Programs: Join our mission to eliminate toxic technology waste by recycling your old batteries and electronics! FIND OUT MORE

- Reducing Plastic Use: In order to work toward our mission to reduce plastic pollution and plastic waste, we are partnering with local restaurants and businesses to encourage them to switch to biodegradable utensils and equipment. FIND OUT MORE

- Funding Education Worldwide: Forever Earth works to help fund education for children who aspire to make their communities more sustainable. FIND OUT MORE

Uppalapati’s recently released Amazon book, In My Backyard, is a personal narration of the lives of two young people, Carmen and Antonio, who are living in a developing nation and are realizing the problems with the petroleum and oil industry. The book brings attention to the environmental and economic challenges resulting from the rise of oil manufacturing and oil drilling that are slowly devastating communities around the world.

 “My goal in writing this book was to make the reader aware of how the oil industry impacts people everywhere,” said Uppalapati. “In the book, I explain what we can all do to reduce this industry’s devastating effects. No change is too small, because in the end, they add up to a better future for generations to come. Our world isn’t perfect and no one person has all the answers, but I believe that together, we can create ideas that are powerful and effective.” 


Forever Earth invites local residents to learn more about what is happening in the world around us – perhaps even in your own backyard – by attending the following September events: 


Fundraiser at Marietta Wine Market

5:00 PM-7:00 PM

Marietta Wine Market, 18 Powder Springs St SW, Marietta, GA 30064, USA

Register to attend on Eventbrite


Battery and Electronics Recycling Drive

9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Custer Park, 600 Kenneth E Marcus Way, Marietta, GA 30060, USA

For more information, visit And, follow the organization on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.